TRID Guidelines for Beginners

TRID guidelines: Be sure to JOIN US for our webinar, “TRID for Beginners”. 

Are you new to TRID guidelines and looking to learn the basics? If so, you are in luck! We have put together a webinar that will get you on the right track with TRID compliance. A common beginner question we get is, “What’s the difference between Section C on page two of the Loan Estimate versus Section B on page two of the Loan Estimate?”

Watch video to hear Jerod explain TRID guidelines.

Video Transcript:

What is an intent to proceed?

Where does it go?

How do I document it?

Why do we even have to do it?

If you’re a seasoned TRID veteran, you very likely know the answers to those questions. It’s really not that complex, but if you’re brand new to TRID, something as simple as an intent to proceed can be a completely foreign concept and even cause some confusion. Listen to the video as Jerod explains more.

If you’ve got people on your team that are brand new to TRID guidelines, or will have people new to the consumer mortgage loan compliance game down the road, we hope you will join us for our “TRID for Beginners” webinar.

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