Training in Uncertain Times

To say COVID-19 has thrown us all for a loop is quite an understatement.  Many of you are implementing contingency plans you never thought would come to fruition.  You’re trying to find creative ways to continue to serve your customers all while trying to take care of yourself and your families.  These are crazy times!

COVID-19 has drastically changed our lives and how we do business.  What we’re dealing with, many of you have never seen in your lifetime and once we are past this, we hope, won’t see again.  Bankers, like you, understandably have a lot of questions and we want to help.  We ARE experts in compliance regulations.  Our team of rock stars and our nationally recognized trainers have come up with a FREE Forum event to help you when it comes to what we do best. 

Some of the Topics we will cover:


Loan Assistance (modifications, skip-a-payment, etc.)

TRID Changed Circumstances

Reporting Delinquent Loans (mortgage servicing, etc.)

Waiving Fees/Penalties

And More!

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Listen as Dave talks about some of his experiences so far and other opportunities for training.

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