Tailored BSA Training

Training is one of the most important aspects of your BSA program. In fact, it’s one of the five pillars.  BSA training should be tailored to match the various responsibilities of your Team. In other words, BSA training for your tellers should look a little different than BSA training for your lenders.  Training for your BSA staff should look different than your Board of Directors. 

Listen to the as Kevin explains more.

We have a variety of webinars coming up that will help you tailor your BSA Training.  We also have many available now in our store.  We hope you’ll check them out!!

Upcoming BSA/AML Webinars:

February 18thCustomer Due Diligence & Beneficial Owners

February 20thCustomer Due Diligence on the Frontline

March 10thBSA Officer/Team Responsibilities

March 12thBSA for Tellers and Customer Service Representatives

March 31stBSA: Just for Operations

April 2ndBSA for Lenders


Want more Free BSA tools? See here – https://store.bankerscompliance.com/link/BSAFreeTools

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