Roles in your BSA/AML Compliance Program

Bank Secrecy Act / Anti-Money Laundering compliance affects everyone in your bank in some way. While your BSA Officer and/or BSA Team do the heavy lifting, so to speak, your Tellers, Customer Service Reps, Lenders and other Operations personnel all play a vital role in your BSA/AML Compliance Program.

While each of these groups needs a general understanding of the BSA/AML requirements, it’s also important that they understand how those requirements intersect with their specific job duties and functions. For example, tellers may encounter very different red flags for money laundering than lenders will and vice versa.

Now is a great time to get your Team up to speed!

Coming up in March, we have webinars tailored specifically to your BSA Officer/BSA Team and for your Tellers/Customer Service Representatives.

Then in April, we have webinars targeted to your Lenders and Operations personnel.

Get your seat for the upcoming 2021 Virtual BSA/AML Compliance Conference (One-Day).


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