Regulation CC

Be sure to JOIN US on February 18, 2020, for our webinar, “Regulation CC”. 

Are Regulation CC gives you the ability to delay the availability of funds deposited into a transaction account but all of the rules can get quite confusing. There are “case-by-case” delays and “exception” delays which each have different requirements.  There are certain deposits you can delay and others you can’t. There are times you need to make funds available by the next business day, the second business day or by the seventh business day.  Sometimes you need a reason to delay and other times you don’t, and don’t forget about notification requirements.  On July 1, 2020, changes will also take effect that will increase the amounts you need to make available in certain cases.  Let us make it clear as we train you on these requirements in plain English.

Click on the video to listen to David explain more.

BONUS!!  After the one-hour Regulation CC webinar is complete, we will immediately provide you with an additional 10 minutes of training devoted only to what your tellers and operational personnel need to know. You can have them sit in on the last 10 minutes or play it back to them at a later time. This valuable bonus training is only available to those that register for the one-hour webinar. 

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