Regulation B: Everyone Gets a Piece of Paper

When it comes to taking adverse action under Regulation B we like to say, “everyone gets a piece of paper”.  For instance, if you approve an applicant’s request, they will get a loan (a piece of paper).  If you deny an applicant’s request, they will get a denial notice (a piece of paper).  But what about if you make the applicant a counteroffer, or need more information before you can make a decision, or say the applicant withdraws?


Listen to the video as Dave explains more.


This is exactly the sort of thing we will be covering in our “Loan Denials & Other Adverse Action Notices” webinar on June 18, 2019.  We are going to get into the weeds on all kinds of different scenarios so that you have a full understanding.  Best of all we will take this complicated area and spell it out for you in plain English!


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Dave Dickinson


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