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Help with Banking Regulations

Do you ever have trouble finding answers to your compliance questions?  Do you get stuck and can’t figure out what box to check or what disclosure to give?  Do you just want to run an idea by someone or need advice on how to handle an issue? If so, where or who do you turn to for help?

We all need a “lifeline” sometimes and Banker’s Compliance Consulting can be that for you.  We offer phone/email support for your burning compliance questions and provide consultation on best practices and the latest regulatory issues.  Reaching out to an expert not only helps you save valuable time but it also gives you peace of mind! 

We believe in simplicity, so getting set up is easy!  Just contact our office and let us know you’d like to be a phone/email client.  All we need is your contact information and billing address.  Once you’re set up, simply email your question to consultants@bankerscompliance.com or call us at 800-847-1653 and your question will be routed to one of our compliance experts.  Our goal is to get you an answer within four hours (during normal business hours).  Your time is valuable so we don’t want you to wait for answers!

Billing for phone/email questions is based on a prorated, hourly rate for the time spent on your question.  This may include research time, time on the phone, time for email communication, etc.  If your question takes 10 minutes, you only pay for 10 minutes, nothing more.  Invoices are sent out quarterly and include a short summary of each question and the answer given, who we talked to, that date, and the time spent.

We also offer phone/email retainer packages.  These are based on many different factors, so please contact our office for more information.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our phone/email support.  If you have not tried this service, we believe it will sell itself.  Ask us about a complimentary call and then, get signed up!

We’d love to be your partner so feel free to contact us any time!

Email: consultants@bankerscompliance.com
Phone: 800.847.1653


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