OFAC Designates 271 After Syrian Attack

The April 4, 2017, chemical attack on innocent civilians in Syria was reprehensible and should not go ignored.  You may think Deb11there’s nothing you can do.  Oh, but there is!

On April 24, 2017, OFAC made one of its largest actions in history in response to this tragedy.  271 employees of Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC) were designated for assisting, sponsoring, supporting, or acting for or on behalf of the Syrian government.  The SSRC is the Syrian government agency that is responsible for developing, producing and delivering non-conventional weapons

This is where you, as an individual and an institution are called to action.  Any property, or interest in property of the designated persons, that is in the possession or control of U.S. persons, or within the United States must be blocked.  In general, U.S. persons are prohibited from dealing with these designated individuals through your financial institution.

Take the responsibility seriously.  Sometimes banking regulations may seem like just another burden and another task, but we truly are in the best position to help combat such acts as these and to aid in the fight against terrorist financing and money laundering in general.

Deb Irving

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