The NFIP Is Good…For Now

It’s that all too familiar time again where the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) enters uncertainty.  The NFIP was actually set to expire on September 30th; however, the House of Amy11Representatives passed a very short-term resolution to continue the NFIP until October 4th.  We got word that yesterday the House got their act together and passed a bill that will keep the NFIP up and running until November 18, 2011.  While this is yet another short-term fix, both the House and Senate continue to work on legislation that would make much needed reforms to the NFIP and also extend it for 5 years.  Boy wouldn’t that be nice!  This proposed flood insurance reform bill (H.R. 1309) has already passed the House and the Senate Banking Committee but still needs to be passed by the full Senate.  Keep your fingers crossed and we will keep you posted.

Amy Kudlacek

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