Newly Proposed Private Flood Insurance Q&As

On March 11, 2021, the Agencies announced new proposed guidance related to flood insurance in the form of Interagency Questions and Answers (Q&As).

You may recall the Agencies issued proposed new and revised Q&As covering a wide range of flood-related topics back in July 2020.  At first glance, these proposed Q&As appear to look just like the ones we received in July.  However, there is a separate document that includes an additional 24 Q&As specifically dealing with private flood insurance.  It’s important to note, the July 2020 Q&As have not been changed nor have they ever been finalized.

If you want more information on the July Q&As, we covered them in-depth during our, “New Flood Insurance Q&A Proposal” webinar, which is available OnDemand now in our store. 

As for the 24 newly proposed Private Flood Insurance Q&As, we will address these during our upcoming, “Private Flood Insurance: Rules & Proposed FAQs” webinar on April 15th.

If you are looking for more comprehensive Flood Insurance training, make sure you check out our two-part Flood Insurance Compliance Webinar Series in May!

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