Mortgage Life Cycle On Demand

In March, we wrapped up our five-part webinar series on The Mortgage Life Cycle.  This webinar series is by far one of the most popular training webinars we offer.

Mortgage lending has so many rules, regulations, timing requirements, etc., that can be difficult to keep everything straight.  During this webinar series, we spend 10 hours, walking you through the life of a mortgage loan, step by step, start to finish.  We start with the requirements that apply before application and walk you through the post-closing requirements in chronological order.  You also receive an 800+ page outline that will benefit you well after the webinar is over.

The Mortgage Life Cycle is valuable training not only for your new mortgage lenders but your seasoned ones as well. 

We have also recently updated our Mortgage Life Cycle Handbook.  The 2021 Edition will be included with your webinar purchase but it is also available to purchase separately in our store if you wish.


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