Joint Intent on Extensions, Modification & Renewals

We often get the question, “will one statement of joint intent signed by the applicants cover all extensions, modifications, renewals to that loan?”  The answer is “No”.  Extensions, modifications and renewals are technically additional requests for credit and the joint intent rules apply to all extensions of credit.  Although bankers and examiners are much more knowledgeable on the joint intent rules than they were 5 years ago, you don’t want to let your guard down!  If you’re not getting joint intent right, you may very well have some fair lending issues as a result.  We have seen several court cases in the past few years related to joint intent failures.


We will be covering the ins and outs of the Regulation B-Joint Intent Requirements on March 8, 2018.  Be sure to join us!

Dave explains more about the Joint Intent webinar below.



Before you can collect joint intent, you need to know if you have an application and who your applicants are. We will be hosting a webinar on Applicants & Applications tomorrow, March 1st.  Let Dave explain it to you!


Sign up here – https://store.bankerscompliance.com/link/app3-18


David Dickinson


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