Before using the ACH option please contact the office at 800-847-1653 to enable this option.


Please see below for directions.


Click the upper right-hand side “Welcome your name” then hit your name again. If you are not logged in, click the upper right and register and/or sign in.


This is your profile page.  

Click on “Bank Accounts (ACH)” located in the middle

Add Account

Once the account is added you will have two micro-transactions that will need to be verified.


These micro-deposits are two small test deposits sent to your bank account to verify that we have the correct bank account information for you. These deposits can take up to three days to process. You can see them in your bank account’s transaction history with a description that includes ‘AMTS’ followed by the two micro-deposit amounts.


You can then log into the BCC site and enter these amounts to verify your ACH account. To enter the amounts, simply go to your Profile and under ‘Payment Information’, click the ‘Bank Accounts (ACH)’ tab.

Click the ‘Verify’ button next to the account which you’d like to verify, and you will be prompted to enter the amount of each deposit.


The order in which the amounts are entered does not matter. Click ‘Verify’ again and if everything is successful, you will see your account Status change to ‘VERIFIED’. You will also receive an email from BCC confirming that your account is ready to use. Refer to the screenshots below for a preview of this process:

Please note that any small deposits sent to your bank account for verification purposes will be withdrawn from that bank account within 10 business days, and may be withdrawn in two separate withdrawals or combined into a single withdrawal amount.


Chat/Call/Email us for more guidance!

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