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Banker’s Compliance Consulting is here to help! Turning complicated regulations into plain English is the foundation of everything we do. We have a wide variety of solutions to meet your compliance needs.  By clicking on the “Start Here” button below, you will be prompted to register on our website.  This registration allows you to access our blog, our free downloads, as well as, email notifications when we make updates to our tools.  The registration process is easy, simply provide us your name, your bank’s name and your email address. Your password gets you a membership into the exclusive tribe. You can also specify the type of compliance information you are most interested in whether it’s Lending, Deposits and/or BSA.

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"I searched the internet for hours before deciding to purchase a Banker’s Compliance Consulting webinar recording, “Flood Insurance Compliance”. I think everyone who signs up for a training immediately dreads it … this webinar has completely changed my attitude. Jerod Moyer was an excellent presenter who kept me engaged the entire time. His knowledge, presentation skills, and pace were outstanding…I look forward to more BCC webinar’s in the near future!"


Kati Jones
Tejas Bank


"I appreciate how Banker’s Compliance Consulting continues to keep us updated on hot topics and any changes to regulations."

Aaron B.

"This company is excellent at what it does! I've scoured the Internet looking for the best possible resources on HMDA and this is the best I have found by far. The videos are very easy to understand, and they provide pictures and graphs during each presentation to better explain complex topics. They also have great customer service. An all around great product and team, something you don't typically find these days."

Mason S.


"Great presenter! High energy, knowledgeable, and on-topic. Kept my attention the full day."


Sara F.



"Banker's Compliance Consulting was very knowledgable, easy to work with, and made us feel comfortable."


Sharon P. - Frontier Bank



"Hard topics made easier to understand with Banker’s Compliance Consulting’s style of presenting. I couldn’t do my job without their help and guidance."

Lisa G.

"The seminars are worth my time to attend every year. I always learn something."


Sandy Kruger
CRCM - Five Points Bank 


"Banker’s Compliance Consulting has a knack of, first, making compliance interesting, second, making it understandable, and third, adding plenty of laughs. You have the best handout/reference materials, also."

Connie M.

"The training was one of the better BSA / AML conferences I have attended. The material was relevant and the speakers were engaging."

Becky F.

"The manual is definitely a resource I use frequently throughout the year! Banker's Compliance Consulting keeps compliance interesting and entertaining – plus easy to understand!"

Tara A.

"Great training, as always. I appreciate the in-depth explanations and storyline for the examples and scenarios. Very helpful!"

Christine M.

"Great job Banker’s Compliance Consulting – as always! Manual and info are a great reference!"

Tom K.

"I like that I can ask specific questions about things I am dealing with at my bank. Banker’s Compliance Consulting’s expertise is so valuable to me. Always such a good review and a good way to hear new information!"

Diane N.

"I always go home with practical information I can use right away!"

LuAnn D.

"Bankers Compliance Consulting, Dave Dickinson's presentation at the Georgia Bankers Association Compliance School May of 2017 on Compliance Management inspired me to not only be a better compliance officer but a better co-worker and leader in my bank."

Sarah B.
Peach State Bank


"This training charges my “BSA batteries” each year and keeps me on top of current BSA topics."

Rick P.

"Thanks for what you do for the banking industry."

Derek H.

"Several years ago I was told I was the compliance officer.  I had no compliance experience and didn’t know where to start. I attended a compliance seminar taught by Banker’s Compliance Consulting. After the plain English and enthusiastic presentation, I left feeling like I understood the topics and I could do this compliance job.  Since then, I’ve attended several Banker’s Compliance Consulting’s seminars and training sessions.  I always learn something."


Patricia Ping
VP Compliance - CharterWest Bank


"Banker's Compliance Consulting has been providing consulting services to our bank for several years. We have been very happy and satisfied with the knowledge and services they provide. The consultants have always been very helpful and have given excellent guidance. We feel they have been an integral part of our compliance program success."


Stephanie Schouten
Iowa State Bank


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