HMDA: Withdrawn & Incomplete Applications

HMDA is one of the most difficult compliance regulations.  There are many intricate details when it comes to the data fields which also means there are a lot of different ways to mess up.  One of the more complicated areas is reporting the Action Taken.  Specifically, was the application denied, withdrawn, incomplete, approved not accepted, etc.?  David discusses Withdrawn and Incomplete applications in the video. 

 Keep in mind, Action Taken is just one of the many aspects of HMDA data and reporting. There is so much more to know and understand.

Join Us for our webinar, “HMDA A-Z”, where we will walk you through all the HMDA requirements, such as:

·      Who Is Subject to HMDA?
·      What Applications Are Subject to HMDA?
·      What’s a Dwelling?
·      How and When to Collect Demographic Information
·      What Data is Reported and When?
·      Risk Mitigators, Controls and Tips to Help you Succeed!


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