HMDA Testing Platform Released

The CFPB has released a beta version of its HMDA Platform.  This will allow users to familiarize themselves with it as well as to determine whether their LARDiane11 data complies with reporting requirements.

This beta version can be used to test the filing process, as it will give you the ability to upload and validate sample data, as well as receive edit reports and confirm submission of the test data.  Users will need to establish a test login.

The system can be used to test the filing process as many times as you would like until January, at which time, all test accounts and uploaded data will be removed in preparation for actual HMDA data filing.

Feedback on the system is encouraged and can be sent to: HMDAfeedback@cfpb.gov

Want to learn more about HMDA? Check out our compliance page and discover our training which can help you understand HMDA and leverage your business. 

Diane Dean

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