HMDA Platform Launch

The CFPB has released a test version of the HMDA Platform that will be used to submit 2018 data.  You can upload, review edits, certify, and submit data for 2018.  However, any data entered will be removed when the filing period for 2018 data opens on January 1, 2019.

Remember, you must have a recognizable Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) to use the Platform.  If you have a LEI that’s not currently recognized or have questions on registering to use the Platform, you can complete this form.

Are you getting a little nervous about submitting your HMDA Data for the first time under the new rules?  Be sure to join us for our “HMDA: Are You Ready to Submit Your 2018 Data?” webinar on January 10th.  We will take a look at some of the tricky areas, clearing validity errors, and much, much more!

Diane Dean

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