HMDA: Large vs. Small Filers

Are you a HMDA-reporting bank?  If you are, you are either a large filer (meaning you report ALL the HMDA data fields) or a small filer (meaning you are exempt from reporting certain fields).  It’s important to understand that the threshold test used to determine if you are subject to HMDA reporting is different than the threshold test used to determine if you are a small filer or a large filer.

In 2020, many financial institutions originated significantly more HMDA-reportable loans than in years past.  This one year could change your small filer vs. large filer status.

David explains more in the video.

If you need more information regarding the data collection requirements for Small Filers or Large Filers, we have webinars coming up in April! 

Be sure to JOIN US on April 13th for “HMDA Data for Large Filers” and on April 20th for “HMDA Data for Small Filers

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