HMDA Data: Common Errors

HMDA is one of those regulatory requirements that doesn’t leave much room for error.  So, when it comes time to submit your HMDA data each year, you want to be sure it’s as accurate as possible.  There are several data fields that are notorious for errors, a few of those include Age, Income, and Rate Spread.

David explains more about each of these in the video.

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Presenter: Dave Dickinson
  • A New Year & New Data
  • Are You Reporting Everything That Is Reportable and Nothing More?
  • The Filing Instructions Guide (FIG) vs. Your Data
  • Tricky Areas Within the Data Fields
  • NA Code vs. Blank vs. 0 vs. Small Filers – We Have a Tool for You!
  • Rate Spreads & the CFPB Calculator Issues
  • Clearing Validity Errors
  • Action Taken Codes: Approved vs. Denied vs. Withdrawn
  • Counteroffer Confusion & Much More! 

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