Hemp Flash Session Agenda

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Kevin did more than “hope to accomplish”. He slayed the Flash Webinar today. Hemp Customer Due Diligence Update.


Now the agenda. What we are going to hope to accomplish today is to walk through, at a high level in about a half hour and talk through the difference between legalized marijuana and hemp. We’re going to talk through the guidance that’s available, where we have some concrete information and where you have to make your own program, so to speak. We’re going to go through the farm bill, and how that changed him in the last couple of years. And then also discuss how do you manage that risk. If you are participating in that aspect of the Ag world, you need to understand how it works so you can make sure you’re managing that risk appropriately. We’re going to discuss Enhanced Due Diligence because the guidance does say that a hemp producer is a high risk customer, so you need to manage them appropriately. And then we’re going to talk through some of the specific SAR expectations and red flags.


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