FRB Consumer Compliance Manual

There are a lot of compliance resources out there.  Knowing which one to use is difficult.  My favorite regulatory manual is the Federal Reserve’s Dave11Consumer Compliance Handbook.  You can download the entire manual for free from the FRB(warning: It’s 552 pages!).

If you have this handbook already, the FRB updated 3 chapters in the not too recent past:  HMDA, TISA and RESPA.  Here’s an announcement from the FRB about these updates:

Updates to the Regulation C examination procedures reflect changes to the threshold for the reporting of pricing information on higher-priced loans. The changes to Regulation C conform the threshold for rate spread reporting to the definition of “higher-priced mortgage loans” included in amendments to Regulation Z (Truth in Lending).

Changes to the Regulation DD examination procedures address the requirement that all depository institutions must disclosure aggregate overdraft fees on periodic statements. The changes also address the requirements for balance disclosures provided to consumers through automated systems.

RESPA examination procedures have been updated to reflect regulatory changes by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to Regulation X. A number of technical changes provide streamlined mortgage servicing disclosure language, eliminate outdated escrow account provisions regarding the phase-in period, and permit an “average charge” to be listed on the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) and HUD-1/1A Settlement Statement. Key substantive changes include a standardized and binding GFE form and revised HUD-1/1A Settlement Statement.

I keep a copy of the FRB Handbook on my computer desktop in an Adobe (pdf) version.  That way I can cut/paste, highlight, take notes, etc. in an electronic format. Of course, you’ll need the full version of Adobe to do more than just read it.

It doesn’t appear the FRB is selling a “hard” copy of the manual anymore.  You can download chapters of the Handbook, rather than the entire 552 pages.  You can find it, and other FRB manuals, at the FRB’s Supervision Manuals page.  If you are a subscriber to our monthly newsletter, Banking on BCC, we alerted you to this update back in July.

David Dickinson

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