FinCEN Corrections to Beneficial Owner Certification Form

FinCEN recently published changes to the Beneficial Owner Certification Form (Appendix A to 31 CFR 1010.230). These technical corrections were effective September 28, 2017, and include Deb11the following:


  • Part I

In the first sentence under the “What information do I have to provide?” heading, the term “foreign persons” is changed to “non-U.S. persons”.


  • Part II

The heading for Section II b. is changed to “b. Name, Type, and Address of Legal Entity for Which the Account is Being Opened:”.


  • Tables in Section II c and Section II d

In the headings of the last column, the term “Foreign Persons” is changed to “Non-U.S. Persons” and the term “Social Security Number” is added after the term “persons”.


  • Footnote 1

The term “Foreign Persons” is changed to “Non-U.S. Persons” and “a Social Security Number,” is inserted after the word “provide”.


It’s important to note the addition of the “type” of legal entity business (corporation, LLC, etc.) as a required piece of information and the addition of “Social Security Number” as an acceptable identifying number for non-U.S. persons. This will require adjustments in the implementation plans of financial institutions and third-party service providers.


Due to these changes, we have updated our Certification of Beneficial Ownership form that’s available in the BSA Tools (Free Downloads) on our website.


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Deb Irving

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