FinCEN Announces “Technical” Webinar for CTR Updates

Since the electronic Bank Secrecy Act Currency Transaction Report (CTR) was introduced in March 2011, FinCEN became aware of some limitations with the current format and, in February 2016, proposed to Deb11amend it.  Now, FinCEN has announced that, in August 2017, the electronic CTR available on the BSA E-Filing System will be updated with those proposed changes.  The new or updated data fields do not create any new regulatory reporting requirements or make any changes to currency transaction reporting requirements.   The updates will be added to the online discrete CTR as well as the CTR batch files.

FinCEN will host a “technical” webinar on June 21, 2017, to provide an overview of the XML specifications and address any questions regarding the XML User Guide.  FinCEN urges application developers and programmers to register and attend this webinar.

The new or updated data fields are:

Part I Person Involved in Transaction

  • Renamed Item 2d from “Courier Service (private)” to “Common carrier”

Part II Amount and Type of Transaction(s)

  • Added a “Shared Branching” checkbox to Item 24

Part III Transaction Location

  • Added an “Unknown” checkbox to Item 29, Primary Federal Regulator
  • Added an “Unknown” checkbox to Item 32, EIN
  • Added Item 37, “Country”
  • Added Item 41, “Cash in amount for transaction location”
  • Added Item 42, “Cash out amount for transaction location”

Part IV Filing Institution Contact Information

  • Added new Part IV “Filing Institution Contact Information”

To learn more about CTR’s see our upcoming webinar!


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