Fair Lending: Monitoring Exceptions vs. Authority

When it comes to Fair Lending, making exceptions to your loan policy increases your risk.  That’s not to say you can’t make exceptions.  You certainly can; however, you can’t do them in a way that looks like the wild west.  Exceptions must be monitored and controlled to mitigate the risk.  We sometimes see institutions confuse monitoring with lending authority.  These are two different things.

Jerod explains more in the video.

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Presenter: Dave Dickinson
  • The Latest Updates & Fair Lending Hot Spots
  • CMS, Regulatory Examinations & Expectations
  • Technology Concerns
  • Different Types of Discrimination
  • Regulation Intersections (i.e., ECOA, HMDA, TILA, etc.)
  • Risk, Risk Assessments & Risk Mitigation
  • Board & Management Oversight & Much More! 

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