Fair Lending Expectations

The CFPB’s focus on Fair Lending increased substantially in 2017 and we can only imagine that 2018 will be more of the same.  Deb11Small Business Lending, Mortgage and Student Loan Servicing, and Redlining have been some specific areas that have faced more scrutiny.  What’s more, “redlining” isn’t your traditional redlining from the past.  It now encompasses a bank’s REMA (Reasonably Expected Market Area).  Your REMA is determined/defined by your regulators, not your bank!  Loan pricing discretion is also another hot spot where fair lending issues are typically found and won’t be going away.  Will your bank’s fair lending practices pass the test?  You don’t want to miss the boat on regulatory expectations regarding fair lending compliance!


Be sure to join us for “Fair Lending” on January 30, 2018.  This two-hour, video webinar, will discuss the Regulator Expectations, Fair Lending Hot Spots, Risk Assessments & Mitigation and much, much more!


Jerod Moyer explains more about Fair Lending below.



Deb Irving

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