Don’t let a “thank you” get your mortgage lenders in trouble

Thank you. It’s one of the most valuable sentiments in any language, but it’s particularly important in the business world. Now, we all like to express our appreciation or gratitude to the people that we work for and with. However, in the business world, oftentimes a thank you comes accompanied with a gift, lunch or some other trinket or token of appreciation.


If you work in the mortgage lending arena, you know that a well-intended thank you gift can get you into a lot of trouble when it comes to RESPA Section 8.


Listen to the video as Kevin explains more.


On June 4, 2019, we hope you will join us for our RESPA Section 8 webinar where we will break it down put it into plain English. We’re going to talk about referral fees, unearned fees, things of value and more.  We’ll even give you a few real-world scenarios to shed some light on what you can do and what you can’t do.  See you then!


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