What do complaints have to do with your bank’s compliance management system?


What do complaints have to do with your bank’s compliance management system? Actually, a quite a bit.  You see, your compliance management system is made up of several pillars. One of those core pillars is how you acknowledge and handle complaints. There’s no regulatory requirement to have a formalized complaint program. However, there are two things that really start to point us in that direction. Number one is the growing emphasis on regulatory expectations, for example, what your regulatory agency expects with regards to complaints when they walk through your door.  Maybe even more important, is number two.  What are your peers are doing with complaints that your examiners are see and then and then expect the same from you the next time they come in. The evolution of your peers is going a long way as to what’s being expected from bank to bank as it relates to formalized complaint programs and the acknowledgement and handling of those complaints.


So how does your complaint program stack up? Or maybe you don’t have a program and you want to know where you should start. You’re in luck!

Our team has put together a training session that is all about complaints and complaint programs, the regulatory expectations, and the best practices that go along with that. How can you access that training?  We hope to provide several different avenues, but the first is going to be at our Spring Live Event the Deposit Operations Compliance Conference. Register today and be prepared to learn about not just complaints, but all of the other hotspot areas as it relates to the deposit operations compliance area.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Jerod Moyer

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