Private Flood Insurance: Disparate Impact?

What do fair lending and disparate impact have to do with the new private flood insurance rules?


July 1, 2019, is the “go date” for the new private flood insurance requirements, which basically say that if a borrower provides the bank with a private flood insurance policy and it meets the definition of private flood insurance under the Rule, the bank is required to accept it.


Now it’s not quite that simple but you get the idea.


Since the Rule came out; however, there have been some evolutions. One of the things that keeps coming up is the issue of fair lending and disparate impact.

Within the Rule, there are two types of private policies where a bank is allowed to apply discretion with respect to whether or not they want to accept the private policy.


Listen to the video as Jerod explains more.




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Jerod Moyer


Want to find out more about Flood Insurance? See the regulation page here. https://www.bankerscompliance.com/banking-regulations-compliance-services/reviews-2/flood/

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