Culture in the Local Community

Dave Dickinson continues to be a steward to his community. This month he volunteered his time and expertise to the local chamber to speak on culture in a workplace. A full audience embraced the highly sought-after topic.


Barry Carlson, a national speaker and owner of the MidAmerica Speakers Bureau was quoted in a local newspaper as saying, “I thoroughly enjoyed Dave Dickinson’s Power Lunch presentation on Sept. 8,” says Carlson. “He was focused, engaging, informative and motivating all in one! The content was spot on and you could tell that Dave not only studies his subject matter, but he also runs his own company utilizing the same principles, values, and philosophies. No wonder over a dozen bankers have told me over the past few years that ‘Dave Dickinson may be the best in the country at what he does!’ When taking time out of one’s schedule for any meeting, the question becomes, “Is the investment of time equal to the benefit received from attending?” In Dave’s case, the answer was a resounding yes! The content was outstanding, the delivery was easy on the ears, and the value was very high. I am in hopes that some of our future CC Chamber meetings will continue to utilize some of the local talents we have in this area. Thanks again Dave for an outstanding presentation!”


If you would like more education on culture see our Monthly Connection. This group meets monthly to talk about many issues or success that may be facing you. Every month there is time spent on how to implement and maintain a culture that will embrace compliance.


See a clip of his presentation here –


David Dickinson

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