Consumer Complaint Policy

Have you been looking for a sample Consumer Complaint Policy? In our efforts to provide solutions to your Deb11compliance needs, we have developed a free Consumer Complaint Policy and have made it available to you on our website on the “Free Downloads” page. (scroll down and see all general tools) We have also included, with the policy, a sample template to document consumer complaints (Appendix A).

Although there is no requirement to have a written, Board approved Consumer Complaint Policy, we believe it is prudent, given the UDAAP and Fair Lending environment we live and work in today.

The sample is a simple, one-page statement of the bank’s overall policy for handling complaints in general. Other customer notifications in regard to error resolution claims under Regulation E, qualified written requests that assert an error and requests for information under the Real Estate Procedures Act (RESPA), billing error resolution under Regulation Z, and disputes under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) should be covered by your bank’s other policies and/or procedures.

Deb Irving

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