Construction Loan Sample Disclosures

Many of you have been asking about sample disclosures for construction loans in light of the TRID 2.0 changes and clarifications.  Updated construction sample Diane11disclosures are included in the materials for our, “TRID: All About Construction Loans” webinar and will also be available in our upcoming three-part webinar series, “TRID From A to Z”.


If you previously downloaded the Construction Loan Packet we had available as a Free Download on our website, it should no longer be relied on for disclosing construction loans, in light of the TRID 2.0 changes.  When we put that packet together, there was very little regulatory guidance specific to construction loans.  That all changed with TRID 2.0.  At Banker’s Compliance Consulting, one of our key principles has always been to teach you how to fish, rather than to just give you a fish.  In other words, we want you to understand not only how to do it, but the why behind the how.  With the expanded construction-specific guidance given with TRID 2.0, it’s just not possible to condense that information in the way be had before.  We do, however, still want to bring you that information in plain English!


So, if you are looking to learn more about construction loans or just more on TRID in general, consider one of our webinar options!

Check out our TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures overview page for more information on TRID compliance. 


Diane Dean

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