Complying with the Regulation E

Complying with the Regulation E error resolution requirements isn’t always easy.  Financial institutions often want to protect their interests, which is good business sense, but many forget that Regulation E is about protecting the consumer.  We’ve also seen Regulation E violations cited more and more by examiners.  We’re here to help!

Get a refresher on the requirements and check out our “Regulation E: Errors & Disputes” webinar which is available now OnDemand.  One registration gets your whole team trained so add this to your training library today!

We also have a lot of tools available on the FREE Resources page on our website.  Just go to the “Deposit Operations Tools” and you will find EFT flowcharts, investigation forms, sample letters and more!

Did you know we also have a YouTube Channel with helpful videos?  Check out our videos on Regulation E!


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