Compliance Management: Training

If you’ve ever tried to train others on regulatory requirements, you know it’s not an easy task.  Most compliance officers are subject matter experts, but that’s only a small Dave11part of what it takes to be a good trainer.  Training should NOT just be the regurgitation of information.  You need to create an environment in which people are most apt to learn and help them retain the information presented.  The combination of these things will create training sessions that will hold your audience’s attention and will allow them to apply the information you provide.

We want you to be successful in your training efforts and will be offering a FREE Forum to get you on the right track.  Join us on January 23, 2018, for a one-hour video webinar on “Compliance Management: Training”.  We will look at what regulations require training, how to document your training as well as tips and tricks to improve your training so that your Team will retain the information.  We hope you join us!

David Dickinson

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