Collecting Government Monitoring Information 2

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Collecting Government Monitoring Information (an applicant’s race, sex and ethnicity) isn’t always as easy as it seems.  First, you need to know “when” to collect it and then you need to know “how” to collect it.  What if an applicant doesn’t provide all the requested information?  What if they provide information that appears to be incorrect?  What if the application is taken over the phone vs. in person?  There’s a lot to consider. 

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Extra Extra

Traci joined us yesterday and had this to say “As a bank that is soon to be transitioning out of HMDA reporting, the timing of this webinar was perfect! David is an exceptional trainer and presents the information in a way that makes sense, rather than “regulatory speak”. The materials are a great reference to look back to. Although Reg. B isn’t new, I still learned a lot of new things about the rule that I never realized before.”



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