BSA Training

Doing annual BSA/AML training for your team members can often feel like you’re in the movie Groundhog Day.  They’re probably thinking, “Haven’t we done this before”?  The key is to keep things fresh and interesting but it can be hard to create buy-in.  You also have the task of training not only your front-line personnel but your Board as well.  What these two groups need to be trained on is vastly different.  Your front-line people need to know when to do things, how to do things, etc.  The nuts and bolts.  Your Board, on the other hand, needs a general understanding of the requirements but they don’t need all the specific details.  They need a 10,000 foot-view.  Finding time to train both groups can also be a challenge.  We’d love to be your solution!

Join us on December 10, 2019, for our BSA/AML Annual Overview webinar which is geared towards your front-line and what they need to know.  We are also offering a BSA/AML Annual Management & Board webinar on December 12, 2019, which will focus only on what your Board needs to know.  The best part?   The comprehensive plain English training manual and free recording!  You can listen to the recording all at once or play it in small chunks over the course of several months for your Team.  It’s up to you!

Learn more about the Bank Secrecy Act and how you can get more BSA training


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