Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing Red Flags

If you are in the BSA world, you’ve likely been seeing the acronym “ML/TF” quite a bit recently.  If you’re not in the BSA world, ML/TF refers to “money laundering, terrorist financing”.  This was a new term added to FinCEN’s BSA/AML Examination Manual to help guide institutions to hone in on risk associated with these specific types of activity, in addition to other illicit financial activity risk.  FinCEN also put together a list of ML/TF red flags which we’ve turned into a tool in the Free BSA/AML Tools on our website.  This can be used in training for applicable personnel, as well as, a checklist of sorts to see if your program is capable of identifying some of the specified activity.

Find your BSA ML/TF FREE Tool HERE!

Kevin explains more about ML/TF in the video.

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