BSA Annual Training

With 2017 nearing an end, it’s a good time to reflect on whether you’ve got done what you need to get done.  Have you provided and/or received sufficient Bank Secrecy Act Deb11 training (BSA) yet this year?  Not only should your BSA training cover changes to internal policies, procedures, processes and monitoring systems, it should also incorporate current developments and changes to the BSA and related regulations.  Changes?  Ah, that would be the new Beneficial Owner and Customer Due Diligence rule.  The mandatory compliance date, May 11, 2018, is fast approaching!  Do you understand the new requirements and will you be compliant by May 11th?


Join us for our BSA Annual Overview Compliance Webinar on December 6, 2017.  We’ll get you up to speed on the new rule, discuss current events, hot button issues, and of course provide an overview of all the major components and requirements of the BSA and related regulations.

Learn more about the Bank Secrecy Act and how you can get online training here


Deb Irving

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