Blessed to Get to Know YOU!

David Dickinson and Jerod Moyer made it back from the American Banker’s Association Regulatory Compliance Conference. Both feel blessed to be part of this great opportunity and to personally get to talk with all the superstars (YOU) who work diligently to provide exceptional service to your customers. If you are not already following us on Linkedin or Twitter now is the time. We will be sending you updates on valuable lessons learned while at the ABA. Stay tuned.


Jerod Moyer caught up with Thomas Williams, Senior Vice President & Senior Compliance Officer at United Bank about what he has learned while attending the ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference.

While at the American Banker’s Association Regulatory Compliance Conference in Nashville, TN, Dave Dickinson talks with Dean Miller, the Director of Consumer and Business Compliance at BOK Financial in Tulsa, OK

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