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Behind the Scenes

On September 28th, we will kick off our Virtual Compliance Conferences starting with Deposit Compliance.  We thought you might enjoy a peek “behind the scenes” with David Dickinson. Want even more?  Register for the Virtual Compliance...

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Coming Soon! – Virtual Deposit Conference

Are you getting excited?  We sure are!  In one week we will host our 2021 Virtual Deposit Conference.  We will cover many deposit topics, some of which include: Deposit Compliance in 2021 & BeyondUnfair, Deceptive or Abusive Acts or...

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What is Culture? Why is it Important?

A couple weeks ago, we wrapped up our six-part webinar series on Compliance Management Systems (CMS).  We looked at everything from the role of the compliance officer, the role of the Board, Risk Management, Training, Monitoring, Complaints and so much...

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Where Does BSA Apply?

A question that surprisingly comes up quite often is whether the Bank Secrecy Act applies to just the United States or if it applies on a more global scale.  To answer that question, we have to step back to 1989 and the establishment of the Financial Action Task Force...

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Section 1071 “Firewall”

Now that we have a proposed rule for the small business data collection requirements under Section 1071 of The Dodd-Frank Act, you may be starting to consider the potential impact to your institution.  If so, be aware of what the CFPB refers to as the...

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TRID Guidelines: What is MDIA?

TRID guidelines: We get a LOT of searches on our website for information regarding MDIA. It always catches us off guard because MDIA really isn’t a “thing” anymore. MDIA stands for the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act and it went into effect on July 30, 2009.  In...

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