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COVD-19 Vaccine Fraud

In case you missed it, FinCEN issued a Notice alerting institutions about potential fraud related to COVID-19 vaccines on December 28th.  Such fraud might include trying to sell unapproved/illegally marketed/counterfeit vaccines and/or the illegal diversion of...

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2021 Thresholds

With 2021 still feeling pretty new, do you ever start to think, “what did I forget”?  Something that can slip through the cracks are the regulatory threshold changes that generally take effect on January 1st each year.  These thresholds are used to determine...

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Complaints & Complaint Programs

Be sure to JOIN US on January 14, 2021, for our webinar, “Complaints, Complaint Programs & Compliance”.  What’s a complaint?  Our simple definition is “anytime you have a customer that is not satisfied” whether that be with a product or service, a...

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FinCEN’s 314(b) Fact Sheet

You may have noticed the recent trend encouraging financial institutions to share information related to BSA/AML investigations.  Information sharing was a prominent feature of FinCEN’s Advance Notice of Rulemaking back in September and a significant element of the...

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Top Violations of 2020

A couple of weeks ago, we hosted a webinar that covered our top violations of the year.  We addressed many areas where our team has seen violations in 2020.  From Flood Insurance and the Fair Credit Reporting Act to Regulation CC and UDAAP, we covered a wide...

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BSA/AML Updates

Be sure to JOIN US on January 7, 2021, for our webinar, “BSA/AML New Year Update”.  In November, we received some BSA guidance in the form of a joint fact sheet related to the due diligence requirements and expectations for charities and nonprofit organizations....

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FREE Lending Q & A

Do you have burning questions related to lending compliance?  Struggling with TRID, HMDA, Fair Lending, etc.?  If so, we’d love to have you join us on January 26, 2021, for our FREE Lending Q & A Forum where we’ll answer questions such as:...

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Watch the video clip below to see a portion of the TRID webinar Q & A. About a month ago, we finished up our three-part webinar series on TRID. “TRID from A to Z” is one of our most popular training series and it is available now...

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Get Answers to Your Compliance Questions

Do you ever have trouble finding answers to your compliance questions?  Do you get stuck and can’t figure out what box to check or what disclosure to give?   Do you just want to run an idea by someone or need advice on how to handle an issue? If so, where or who do...

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