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Community Reinvestment Act The OCC recently issued 25 FAQs related to its proposal to rescind the June 2020 CRA rule.  The FAQs provide information on the rulemaking process and any potential CRA issues that may occur during any transition to the previous 1995...

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Agencies Address Crypto-Assets

The Federal Reserve, FDIC and OCC (the Agencies) recently issued a statement outlining work they’ve done related to crypto-assets and what they’re planning for the future (i.e., a “crypto-asset roadmap”). Specifically, the Agencies have begun to look at the different...

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RESPA Section 8 Coverage Training

Be sure to JOIN US on December 7, 2021, for our webinar, “RESPA Section 8”.  Section 8 of RESPA states that settlement service providers are prohibited from giving or receiving anything of value for the referral of RESPA-covered loans and/or settlement services. ...

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BSA & Board of Director Responsibility: Training

Be sure to JOIN US for our webinar, “Annual BSA/AML Management & Board”. When to comes to ensuring your BSA program is up to par, the Board of Directors is ultimately responsible.  While the BSA Officer might oversee the day-to-day responsibilities of your...

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Good Faith – TRID Training TRID Resources! In the TRID A-Z Series Jerod talks about the "Good Faith" Tolerances. TRANSCRIPT: On page 18, we're going to introduce you to the good faith tolerances, and this is the first of three different portions or three different...

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Safe Act: Disclosing NMLS Numbers

Be sure to JOIN US for a 30-minute flash webinar on the SAFE Act requirements. Both the SAFE Act and Regulation Z have requirements as to when and how NMLS numbers must be disclosed.  Do you know the differences?  What does the SAFE Act require? Listen as...

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UDAAP Awareness

Anytime you talk about something being unfair, deceptive, abusive, etc., it’s reasonable to assume that if examiners find you doing such things it will get your financial institution into hot water.  Avoiding UDAAP violations is all about awareness. Virtual...

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Section 1071 Proposal Questions

Be sure to JOIN US on November 23, 2021, for our webinar, “Small Business Lending Data Collection – Deep Dive”.  We’ve learned quite a bit since the Section 1071 proposal (aka Small Business Lending Data Collection) was published.  Many may be putting this on the...

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