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Regulation B Appraisal Notice for Denials?

“Do I have to provide the Regulation B appraisal notice for an application that is denied or withdrawn?”  We get this question all time and the answer may surprise you! Regulation B Training! Jerod explains more about Regulation B in the video....

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Regulation CC One-Time Hold Notices

Did you know that Regulation CC allows you to provide a single hold notice for current and future deposits?  While we don’t see institutions utilize this very often, it is an available option.  Keep in mind; however, this option is only allowed under certain...

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What’s a Refinancing for HMDA?

It’s common for institutions to use the terms, “refinance”, “modification”, and “renewal” interchangeably.  On the surface that might not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to compliance, you really need to understand that different regulations may define those...

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Do you “do” compliance?

We often hear compliance officers say they do compliance for a living.  But, that’s not really true…or, it shouldn’t be.  Compliance officers shouldn’t be caught up in the actual “doing” but rather the managing of compliance.  Compliance officers are...

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While the Privacy Rule has undergone a few changes here and there over the years, the bulk of it has remained mostly unchanged. While that is good news, it is also more likely to fall off your radar.  Kevin gives a quick rundown in the.....

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CTRs: Critical & Non-Critical Fields

Currency transaction reporting takes a lot of time, effort and energy to maintain compliance.  Not only does the CTR have to be completed within a certain time, it must be completed correctly.  We find confusion is quite common with respect to “critical” and...

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The Right of Rescission

The Truth in Lending Act’s right of rescission requirements always seem to generate a lot of questions.  Knowing when to give it, who to give it to and how to count the three-day rescission period can all be tricky.  Here are some questions we’ve received recently:...

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The CFPB has updated its TRID FAQs with five questions related to housing assistance loans.  The FAQs describe the criteria and disclosure requirements for two different “partial” exemptions:   1. Regulation Z exempts subordinate-lien, interest-free loans which: Are...

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Complying with the Regulation E

Complying with the Regulation E error resolution requirements isn’t always easy.  Financial institutions often want to protect their interests, which is good business sense, but many forget that Regulation E is about protecting the consumer.  We’ve also seen...

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Virtual Compliance Conferences

We know your Team is BUSY! We are here to serve you! Register for the virtual conference and get the training your entire team needs for Lending, Deposit and BSA! That is 18 hours of training you can watch over and over again because IT IS RECORDED! We make it...

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