Community Reinvestment Act 101

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We are pleased to be partnering with Linda Ezuka with CRA Today to bring you this webinar.  CRA is a little different than many compliance regulations in that it’s not enough to simply dot your I’s and cross your T’s.  There’s a little more subjectivity to it and Linda will walk you through those areas.  She will also cover the basics of the CRA so that you have a solid compliance perspective on how to approach your CRA program and much more!

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Is Your Social Media Compliant?

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We get a lot of questions regarding the advertising requirements for social media…both for deposit products and loan products.  Many people believe there are exemptions from the advertising disclosure requirements, which simply is not true.  Internet/social media advertisements are to be treated the same as newspaper advertisements, in most cases.  This webinar will cover the requirements for deposit and loan product advertising such as FDIC signage, Fair Housing rules, bonuses and much, much more.

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Regulation E Investigation Time Limits

Regulation E has a lot of different time limits and rules that you must comply with for electronic funds transfer error resolutions.

For instance, you are required to complete your investigation within 10 business days. 

If you can’t, you can extend the investigation to 45 or 90 days but only if you give the consumer provisional credit.  There’s also a rule that says, once your investigation is complete, you have to notify the customer within three business days and correct the error within one business day.  So, what if your investigation is complete before the 45 or 90 days expires?

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If you’d like to learn more, be sure to join us on March 18, 2021, for our webinar, “Regulation E: Errors & Disputes”. 


Training Considerations

During our Monthly Connection last week, Dave received some exciting news.  His daughter and his daughter-in-law both had baby girls on the same day.  Pretty amazing! 

Ever the professional, Dave didn’t miss a beat and gave some great information on training and the quality of training, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has forced a lot of banks to conduct training by Zoom, webinars, computer-based training, etc.  But while these are all great options, they aren’t necessarily the answer to all your training needs.  Make sure you are mixing up the types of training you do and that it’s relevant, exciting, interesting, and, most importantly, that you and your team actually learn something.  Don’t just check the box!

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Regulation CC Confusion

If you are new to compliance or even a seasoned veteran, Regulation CC (aka the Expedited Funds Availability Act) is one of the most difficult regulations to read and understand. 

While the Regulation has been updated periodically over the years, it still contains outdated information with regard to changes made back as far as 2010. 

For example, the Regulation still contains information regarding non-local checks (which no longer exist).

You also have to be careful when it comes to the terminology used.  The Regulation defines consumers, customers, business days, banking days, etc. and you need to be sure you know which definition applies and when.

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