Regulation CC: Additional Funds Availability Disclosures

You are likely aware that when you open a demand deposit account, you must provide the customer with a Funds Availability Disclosure that outlines when you will make deposited funds available to them.  Most banks get this right because their system just prints it out with other required account opening disclosures.  What some banks overlook is some of the other places you need to address funds availability.  This can include deposit slips, ATMs and at teller windows.

David explains more in the video.


Truth in Savings: Change in Terms

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There are times when you need to (or just want to) change the terms of your deposit accounts.  Maybe you want to implement a new fee or change some of the other terms required to be disclosed in the Truth in Savings Act disclosure the consumer received at account opening.  While this can be done (in most cases), there are some hoops you need to jump through to maintain compliance.  But be careful with trying to change terms on a Certificate of Deposit, as those are a little different animal.

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Escrow Account Annual Statements

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If you maintain escrow accounts subject to Section 1024.17 of RESPA, you are probably aware that you are required to provide an annual escrow statement to borrowers.  Some banks slip up here because the “annual escrow statement” is actually comprised of three separate types of information.  You are required to give:

  1. last year’s projection (what was supposed to occur);
  2. the account history (what actually occurred); and,
  3. next year’s projection (what you anticipate will occur).

David explains these in the video.

Escrow Statements


Featured Topics: 

  • CFPB Escrow Accounts FAQs
  • Required vs. Voluntary Escrow Accounts
  • Initial, Annual, Short-Year & Payoff Statements
  • Surpluses, Shortages & Deficiencies
  • Step-by-Step Escrow Account Analysis
  • TILA’s HPML, TRID & Flood Insurance Intersections
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HMDA: What’s a Purchase?

HMDA banks are required to collect and report data regarding applications for dwelling-secured loans or lines where the purpose is to:

  • Purchase a Dwelling;
  • Refinance a Dwelling;
  • Improve a Dwelling; or
  • Home Equity (consumer purpose).

So, what is a “purchase” for HMDA?  There’s more to it than you might think.

David explains more in the video.

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  • Mixed-Use Loan / Line Purposes
  • What’s NOT Covered?
  • “Covered” Pre-approval Programs
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