Ask the Experts!

If you’ve never joined us for our Forum, now is the time to check it out!

Our Forum is a FREE, one-hour webinar that we host four times a year. 

We cover a variety of topics and allow you to pre-submit questions to ask our experts.  We present material on a topic and then answer as many questions as we can with the remaining time of the live session.

We have a Forum coming up next week, that has quickly become a favorite! 

It’s our “2019 – A Look Back & What Lies Ahead”. 

We will look back at regulatory requirements that have come down the pipe in the last 9-12 months.  Then we will look ahead and talk about what’s on the horizon. 

In a way, this Forum is kind of your checklist to make sure you haven’t missed anything big and that you don’t forget about things that you may need to prep your management for. 

We’d love to have you and your Team register today and join us on October 15th!

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