Are You Up To Speed On Overdrafts?

How well do you manage the risks associated with your overdraft practices? Before you can successfully answer that question you Deb11probably need to ask yourself a couple more.  Do you fully understand the risks associated with offering overdraft products?  What steps do you take to mitigate those risks?  For example, do you monitor system and software changes that might warrant changes to your disclosures and marketing materials?  Do your disclosures accurately describe your overdraft practices?  Is your system calculating overdraft fees in the manner your disclosures state?  Have you implemented appropriate systems to manage consumer complaints?  There are so many questions when it comes to overdraft compliance.

Want to get your bank on track or just get a refresher on what your examiners will expect?  Join us on June 7, 2017, for our Overdraft Guidance & Best Practices webinar.  We will guide you on how to assess your risk, overdraft hot sports and much more!

Deb Irving

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