Are you ready for some HMDA?

The new HMDA rules take effect on January 1st.  Are you ready?  Remember when you crammed for a test in school?  We hope that isn’t how your HMDA Dave11preparations have gone. We’ve been teaching HMDA to literally thousands of bankers this past year. During that time, we’ve had many questions raised that we hadn’t thought about. However, we’ve been able to research these, discuss issues with the CFPB and evolve our own thought process.

In the past couple months, we’ve produced several webinars that will provide you with the latest information and are the most comprehensive HMDA training you will find.  These webinars have all been recorded and come with a training manual.  These webinars can be used to provide last-minute training to your Team.  You can also play back specific segments on troublesome areas and/or use them to provide corrective training as necessary.  Also included, are all the questions asked during the live webinars, answered in writing.

Here’s a list of the recent HMDA webinars we have available:

1 hour specifically on what only loan officers need to know for HMDA.

1 hour specifically on what only commercial lenders need to know for HMDA.

1 hour exclusively on when and how to collect an applicant’s demographic information (ethnicity, race, sex and age).

A 2 hour overview on everything related to HMDA coverage and data reporting.

2 hours in-depth only on what is and what is not covered under HMDA.

2 hours in-depth only on the HMDA data reporting requirements.

You will also want to mark your calendars as we will be offering a webinar entitled “HMDA One Month Checkup” on February 13, 2018 where we will discuss what we’ve learned since HMDA took effect, what’s working (or not working) and most importantly answer your questions.

If you need to “cram” or just brush up on the latest HMDA information, we’ve got you covered.  We look forward to seeing you at the “HMDA One Month Checkup” webinar!

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