Advertising & Font Sizes

A client recently asked us about the font size requirements for certain advertisements.  The answer in this case was pretty simple.  While there are font Amy11size requirements for various disclosures or applications you might provide to a consumer; there are no specific font size requirements when it comes to advertisements.  That’s not to say; however, there aren’t other requirements you need to be aware of and things you need to consider.


Obviously, the font needs to be of a size that is legible (aka “clear and conspicuous”).  Depending on what you include in the ad, there are also some “equal prominence and close proximity” requirements.  For the most part, these generally pertain to ads for dwelling-secured loans.  You also want to always put a UDAAP “microscope” on any ad you put out.  For example, could a very small font in your ads be viewed as potentially “deceptive”?  That might be a stretch but it’s still something to consider.


Join us on April 5, 2018, for our Advertising webinar.  We will dive deeper into the clear and conspicuous, equal prominence and close proximity requirements as well as other do’s and don’ts when it comes to advertising your loans, deposit accounts and non-deposit investment products.



Amy Kudlacek

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