Ability to Repay, QM, High Cost & Higher Priced Mortgage Loans

Be sure to JOIN US on April 2, 2020, for our webinar, “Ability to Repay, QM, High Cost & Higher Priced Mortgage Loans”. 

ATR, QM, HCM and HPML….Oh my!  It can be difficult to keep all these requirements straight, even for seasoned compliance professionals.  This webinar will demystify them for you.  For instance, these types of loans often get a bad rap.  But, just because a loan requires the Ability to Repay, or is considered a Qualified Mortgage, High Cost Mortgage or a Higher-Priced Mortgage Loan, doesn’t mean it’s a bad loan.  It just comes with a little more baggage.

Click on the video to listen to Jerod explain more.

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Jerod Moyer

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