2020 Thresholds

With 2020 still feeling pretty new, do you ever start thinking, “What did I forget”?  One thing that can slip through the cracks are the regulatory threshold changes that generally take effect on January 1st each year.  These thresholds are used to determine whether certain compliance requirements apply to your financial institution.

Here’s a quick list (not all-inclusive) of some common ones:

Regulation Z

  • Loan Amount Exemption to determine if certain loans are subject to Regulation Z
  • High-Cost Mortgage (Points & Fees)
  • Loan Amount Exemption for special appraisal requirements on Higher-Priced Mortgage Loans
  • Qualified Mortgage (Points & Fees)
  • Qualified Mortgage (Small Creditor)


  • The asset-size threshold is one piece to determining if your financial institution is subject to HMDA.


  • Asset-size thresholds for small, intermediate small and large banks/savings institutions.

For more information on these threshold changes, refer to the January 2020 edition of our Banking on BCC Magazine.

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