2018 HMDA: Rate Spread Changes

Did you know that reporting the Rate Spread for HMDA will change in 2018?  You will be required to report the Rate Spread even if it does not exceed the Deb11HPML thresholds over the Average Prime Offer Rate (APOR)!  The only time you won’t report a Rate Spread in 2018 is if the loan/line is not originated (except for approved not accepted) or the loan/line is not subject to Regulation Z.  This comes as a surprise to many and it’s just one of the many changes to the 2018 HMDA Data.  Are you familiar with the changes to the other data fields?

Join on June 8, 2017, for our 2018 HMDA Data webinar.  We will walk you through the 2018 data fields and share some tips and tricks along the way!

Deb Irving

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