2018 HMDA: Mixed-Use Properties

If you’re a lender for a HMDA reportable bank, you know there are some BIG changes on the horizon for you come January 1, 2018.  One Amy11area that has caught lenders a little off guard is the concept of “mixed-use” properties.  For example, a building with retail space on the main floor and apartments on the upper floor(s).  Today’s HMDA rules do address mixed-use properties but for 2018 the CFPB gave us a little more to go on.

In 2018, it is extremely important that lenders classify mixed-use properties (both single building and multiple buildings).  Once you do, that property will retain that classification (a dwelling or a non-dwelling) for any subsequent loans made to that borrower.  For example, if you classified the retail/apartment building we described above as a non-dwelling and years later the borrower wants to refinance the loan, it’s not subject to HMDA.  Why?  Because the building is not a dwelling according to your initial classification.  Therefore, it doesn’t meet the definition of refinance (a dwelling-secured loan replacing a dwelling-secured loan).  Likewise, even if the borrower applies for a loan to improve only the residential portion of the mixed-use building, it’s not a home improvement loan.  Once again, because the building is classified as “non-dwelling”.  Believe it or not, we asked the CFPB these very questions and they agreed.

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Amy Kudlacek

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