2010 HMDA Data Released

The FFIEC recently issued a Press Release that they have (finally) released the 2010 HMDA data.  In the past, HMDA data was typically released around the end of July or the beginning Dave11of August.  If I recall correctly, last year it also took until the end of September.

HMDA banks will need to download their data and make it available to the public. §203.5(b) states:

The bank shall make its mortgage loan disclosure statement (prepared by the FFIEC) available at the home office and in at least one branch office in each additional MA where it has offices.  The disclosure statement at a branch office need only contain data relating to properties in the MA where the branch office is located.  You must place the mortgage loan disclosure statement in the bank’s CRA public file within three business days upon receipt. 

David Dickinson

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